Monday, July 4, 2022

Samsung’s New ISOCELL GWB Promises a ‘Human Eye-Like’ Camera Sensor

Samsung has unveiled its first ISOCELL camera sensor with RGBW colour filter support, which the company has termed ISOCELL GWB. The new camera sensor has been created in partnership with China-based Tecno, and Samsung is touting it as the most “human eye-like” image sensor, with the ability to take photos with improved colour accuracy and better brightness, according to the South Korean tech giant. The camera sensor is tipped to debut on a Tecno-branded smartphone in 2022 but could also be available to other manufacturers.

The new ISOCELL GWB camera sensor was unveiled by Samsung at a Tecno webinar on December 6, according to a report by SamMobile. During the event, the company revealed that the camera sensor uses an improved colour filter pattern, which includes white pixel. This should help users capture better images that are more colour accurate while allowing for brighter results, as the ability to capture light is improved by the addition of white pixels.

The sensor will reportedly feature a 64-megapixel resolution. This implies that enthusiasts who are hoping to see the new camera sensor on the company’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone series might be disappointed. Previous reports have tipped the Galaxy S22 Ultra to feature a 108-megapixel camera, just like its predecessor, while Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus could both feature a 50-megapixel primary camera. The company’s Vice President and Head of R&D in China called the new ISOCELL GWB “the most human eye-like image sensor.”

However, Samsung is yet to announce any details of the upcoming Galaxy S22 series, and the company could still surprise customers with a 50-megapixel ISOCELL GWB sensor in time for its Galaxy Unpacked event which is expected to take place in February 2022.

The report states that the ISOCELL GWB could feature on a smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer in 2022, thanks to the partnership with Samsung. However, both companies are yet to reveal plans for including the camera sensor in their upcoming products, and the ISOCELL GWB sensor could even be available to other manufacturers next year, according to the report.

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